Our History

Alexandra Simpson is our Founder and Creative Director. She has had a passion for jewellery from a very young age and has been designing, making and selling her work in London since 2006. In 2008 Alexandra was short listed for two professional awards at Holts Academy which included one for Innovation, and in 2009 she was awarded “Coutts New Jeweller Award winner” as part of London Jewellery Week.

She graduated from Surrey University and studied jewellery design, techniques and business at Westminster, Cass and St Martin’s School of Art and Design.

Contemporary yet romantic, Alexandra’s handmade jewellery has a delicate, graceful and sensual quality. Carving is her specialty: she hand carves using traditional tools in wax and metal, but also carves in glass and stone.

Alexandra’s belief in the importance of quality and balance is reflected in the design, composition and materials used in her jewellery: Sterling silver and 18 carat gold are intertwined with semi precious and precious stones. Nature and Art Nouveau inspire her elegant and intricate pieces.

Check out a video giving a snapshot of Alexandra’s inspiration and also some of her making processes.

The video was made with thanks to:-
Alexandra Simpson for sharing her inspiration and showing an insight into how she makes her pieces at her London studio
Alex and Griff from SteamWork film Northamptonshire for great filming, sound recording and editing etc
Mathew Booth for his excellent photography.


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